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We believe in keeping our processes simple for our customers, visitors and affiliated partners. Therefore, instead of lengthy pages describing what we do, what we expect of you and what each letter within this page means, we've instead opted to just say what is important... in brief.

Firstly and most importantly, (we, us,, hsoniuk and our) will be referring to ANYTH.NG, and HSONIUK where applicable on this website. And (you, your, customer, visitor, them and they) will be referring to the second party, which is you.

By using this site you agree to the terms and conditions stated within this page, and the relevant information you have been politely asked to pay attention to while browsing ...we reserve the right to decline any responsibility where we believe that you might have disregarded what we advised.

Products are updated periodically, and often daily.

Products on must include the location from where they will be shipped from (except if shipped from the UK and/or selected EU countries). With this, we request that all visitors and customers pay attention to this within each item's description. And also to note that some items might take longer to ship than others for various reasons, one of them being the location where they will be made, or shipped from. This is due to some items being sold under the drop-shipping business, where we act on part of the seller of the product, for your convenience. ANYTH.NG is an open platform for sellers and creators, and therefore, please be aware that not all products are covered with the same timeframes in regards to packaging and dispatching. All sellers/creators/suppliers have been given the duty of providing turnaround timeframes for our customers' decision making. is happy to support the customer in pursue of clarification about items that lack certain information, but cannot be held responsible for the information that is lacking, unless explicitly mentioned that the product is made and branded by us, in the United Kingdom. Please be aware that some products and pages on are age restricted for 18 and above. All visitors to the page confirm to be 18 years of age and above, cannot be held responsible for unauthorised access to the products/services page. Warranties are as per product/items, provided by their particular manufacturer, we are more than happy to provide information about items as and when required from the manufacturers before, during and after orders have been placed. Please note that it is your responsibility to check and understand your appropriate fitting before ordering clothing, shoes and any other sized items.

Orders: all orders placed through this website are secure, where you have any concerns, please let us know immediately before proceeding with your order. Please be advised that we recommend that you seek the owner's permission to whom the payment method you have chosen belongs. We reserve the right to decline any orders where we suspect questionable order activity. When orders are placed on, the delivery time frames are counted as Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays that fall on dates that might affect these days in countries where the orders might be routed). All other factors are down to the carrier selected, to which we are more than happy to assist you with enquiries and information from the manufacturers, suppliers and carriers. Please do not purchase any products that you do not believe you should be paying for, for any reason. Instead, where this belief is the case, do get in touch and advise us why this is so, so that we can look into the matter. Where you have committed to the purchase and finalised the order/s of a product (and any service/s, where applicable), you waive this option, to which we are not to be held responsible for payments of products that should not have been made, unless this was done, explicitly, on fraudulent grounds... to which we can assist in resolving the matter.

Accounts on ANYTH.NG: Accounts are created for a personalised shopping experice on ...and are not a necessity during your shopping check out. where you have created an account by mistake, we can happily remove it for you at request, and any data accessible to by us, deleted. other information we collect might include order history, emails and phone numbers. these are requested for security of your order, and we are happy to delete them at your request after the orders of your purchase from us have been received. Please note that we are not responsible where this request to delete contact information request is made before to the delivery of your items is completed. Please note that we DO NOT share any part of your personal information to any other parties outside of any business between yourself and us.

Shipping: All purchases made on are shipped in a timely manner. However, given the style of our business, some items might be shipped from anywhere in the world... (this is always stated within the description of each item where, the item is made outside the United Kingdom and/or the EU) ...with this, please be advised that import fees might apply when your order is delivered. With this in mind, we have provided free shipping at checkout for your convenience, also as a means to limit shipping expenses for you. Other shipping options are provided at checkout for your extended options where a guaranteed timeframe is required. Where you opt for the free shipping service, please be aware that it is up to us, or our suppliers to choose the appropriate carrier for the item/s you have ordered on

Returns/Refunds: we strongly recommend that all returns are sent to the address provided on the delivery package. this will help for all resolutions ie; refunds or replacements, to be processed quicker and more reliably. but please note that, the period between which any such action is taken, the time between each item being processed may vary, and we request that you email us at after the items have been shipped to the return address so that we chan keep track of the process efficiently, and try to help you and our suppliers get a much effortless resolution to any issues. Refunds of any monies paid are made after the settlement of any issues at hand under which the order or items are disputed, after which any stated refund/s shall be made in part (or in full) within the timeframe provided by us, supplier/s or manufacturer/s. We reserve the right to decline any refund requests that are believed to be fraudulent, manipulative so as for financial or property gain/s and, but not limited to, an assumed right.

HSONIUK and us (ANYTH.NG): Hsoniuk is registered as a sole trader business operator in the United Kingdom. is part of the brands managed and maintained by Hsoniuk, whom is responsible for all business carried out under the brand, which might include (but not limited to): transactions, branding, promotions and social accounts.